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Warning about Stormpay by BBB

The Better Business Bureau of Tennessee has apparently received many complaints about Stormpay and as a result has issued an alert about them. To read the article please check on the Leaf Chronicle. They have a short article describing it as well as another link that you can click on to learn more about what the BBB had to say.

This really concerns me. Also, on DadnDaves the front page is a angry note to the owner of Stormpay asking where the money is. What it does state that concerns me is that Stormpay not only has started taking money away from autosurfing sites, it is now taking the money of members of those sites as well. In effect, it is emptying our accounts.

I don't have any money sitting in my Stormpay account, however, it concerns me that such as shady company has access to my bank account information. I know a lot of you are concerned as well. I will just say to keep an eye on your information, make sure nothing is being done without your permission, and stay informed about what is going on.