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Stormpay Updates by 12DailyPro

12DailyPro left another letter to members about the ongoing Stormpay situation. Here it is as posted on 12DailyPro's site:

12dp Site Update - Feb 6 - by Charis - 12DP Admin at 2006-02-06 22:22:52

I wanted to take this time to update you on our progress with the StormPay issue and few other items.

I am sure you are all under stably anxious to hear updates on our progress toward recovering our funds. Today, we made significant progress with the attorney who will be representing us in this matter. He has outlined a strategy for attempting to get our funds released by StormPay by whatever means at our disposal. We hope for swift action in the matter and will keep you as informed as things unfold, to the extent that we can without compromising the case.

We will begin issuing a few refunds this evening and will process a batch of refunds daily. The order of the refunds will be: 1) Remaining Egold/EMO 2)Remaining Egold/Money Order, 3)Compounded EMO, 4)EMO. Please note that because we are unsure of how fast we will be able to resolve the StormPay situation, nor what the outcome of our efforts will be, we cannot provide any kind of time frame by which these EMO refunds will be issued. Also, due to StormPay’s random refunds and double payments that they are conducting with our funds and without our input, we are unable to yet give an accurate assessment to you of how we will deal with the StormPay refunds. Our hope is that by the time EMO payouts (currently on Dec. 8 expiration), catch up with where we left off with StormPay withdrawals, (Jan 23 expiration), that we will have some resolution on the StormPay issue and can announce a plan and/or for StormPay refunds.

Ticket System
Tomorrow, we will be revamping the ticket system to meet our current circumstances. In light of what has occurred and the fact that our goal is to be able to refund all pending and active upgrades, we will be closing all account issue related tickets. The new ticket departments will meet our current situation as well as provide support for the new site. There will also be a department for any missing EMO upgrades. Because there is no way for us to verify missing StormPay at this time, these will have to wait until we are able to gain access to our account data there. We strongly urge that you not submit tickets asking about the current situation; we will be posting updates daily and sometimes several times a day regarding progress on these matters. Our support staff has been extremely reduced, so we can have more funds available for refunds and basic operations. So, inundating the tickets system will only slow our ability to respond to the specific ticket issues we deem vital at this time.

We have now made all areas of the forum viewable to all guests, so that all of you can read it. We are unable to registrations at this time, due to concerns about mass spammers who have attacked our forum in the past.

Accoounts Will Not Go Inactive
There have been some concerns by some members who have not upgraded in a while that their accounts will go inactive during this period. Due to current events, will be suspend the inactive status for anyone that would have normally been moved to that status, so as not to interfere with any refund they might receive.

The New Site
Thanks to the hard work of our technical staff, committed to LifeClicks despite all the happenings of the past week, we will be launching the new site by the end of the day tomorrow. You will notice that the 12dp homepage will change at that time, to reflect our current situation. The homepage will have three main links, one for the forum, one for members to login and check their account states and member news, and one to visit our new site.

Thank You
I wanted to take this time to thank all of you for your thoughts, prayers, and expressions of support regarding the health of my father. He is now in stable condition and we continue to pray that he will not return to any critical state. I am truly blessed to have a family of 12dp members that cares. You make me proud to be in your company.

This is a challenging time for us all, but know that we are dedicated and focused on doing everything we can to insure these recent events are overcome and we can all move forward.

We thank you for your continued support during this time.
12dp Admin

As I learn more I will post it here for everyone.