Autosurf Program Monitor


Stormpay Information

Not much else has been reported since my last post. What I do know is what has been posted on the Stormpay website, so take that for what it is worth. They are saying that they have outside investigators who are looking into websites that are ponzi and pyramid schemes.

If they are talking about the many autosurfing programs whose accounts have been frozen then I can say that these are lies. Their are a lot of lies going around right now and it is hard to know what to believe. However, I do believe that Stormpay has been deceitful and that their reasons for what they have done thus far are less than admirable.

I suggest everyone to get their money out of Stormpay if they still can. As of right now I can sign onto the site. However, I have heard that cheques are bouncing, although I cannot confirm this. Try withdrawing to your bank account. I want everyone to get their money if they can.

Please check back for further developments.