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Stormpay: Information or Rumor?

Not sure what to call all of this "information" now. Their is a lot of rumors running around and so I want to reiterate again that nothing posted here can be taken as truth or fact. It is just the information I have gathered from reading sites, boards, and forums.

So I was looking on 12DailyPros forum which is now open to everyone to read. I member posted a piece by another website's owner about the Stormpay issue. I am not sure what website it is since the person who posted it on the forum did not say. However, here is what I gathered from the post.

According to this website owner Stormpay is still operating and their building is not vacant and did not burn down as many people were thinking. They were told to freeze the accounts of autosurfing and HYIP programs by government agencies. This started when some college students in Utah were promoting 12DailyPro, the dean found out and reported 12DailyPro, and teh government stepped in tracing everything back to Stormpay. They are now looking into autosurfing programs and HYIP programs as possible ponzi and/or pyramid schemes in which no real service or product is being offered.

According to the post, this was reported on ABC (haven't heard about that but if any of you saw this let me know). Anyway, the accounts can remain frozen for up to 180 days while investigations into the different autosurfing and HYIP programs takes place.

I really have no idea what this means for autosurfing and HYIPs. I hope it does not come to the point of such programs being called illegal, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

If anyone has any more information please let me know by contact me at I will post more information as it becomes available.