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Autosurf and Stormpay Troubles

Over the past few days a lot has been happening in the autosurfing world. Stormpay was a prominant payment processor for autosurfing sites. However, in just a few short days they have told sites they can only have Stormpay as their payment processor or stormpay has to be removed. They then started to freeze autosurfing owners accounts, and then began to issue out refunds to its members. However, these refunds are not being revealed to the autosurfing program owners so they do not know who is being issued refunds and who is not.

12DailyPro, a favorite among autosurfers, has decided to fight back though. In an email sent to all of their members they are seeking legal action against Stormpay and the illegal handling of their funds. Members have began sending in donations to 12DailyPro for its legal battle. Here is the email that they sent out today (2/5/06):

1. StormPay Action
PlanWe will be meet with our attornies tomorrow regarding the unlawful holding of our funds by StormPay. Our intentions are to get the attorney his retainer tomorrow. Members have very generously donated approximately 34% of the needed retainer. We will pull some funds from our operational budget to pool together so the attornies can move forward. Any additional donations to help offset the costs are still welcome. We have also received notice that a former state senator and attorney is willing to help us in our fight. In the meantime, StormPay continues to tell more lies about the reason our accounts were suspended. However, rest assured we have damning documentation that will soon expose them for exactly who they are. We will post another update tomorrow on the progress of our legal efforts. Note, as of yet, we have yet to be contacted by any of the neublous 'investigators' they mention.

2. Additional Representation

We have also had to aquire a different attorney to help manage damage control regarding the libelous accusations StormPay has made against us and our business model.

3. Refunds

Will BeginWe will begin issuing refunds tomorrow as we are able. We will begin with the members who chose to have their Egold upgrade withdrawals paid to EMO. Please note that becuase of the holding of a large portion of our funds, the speed of the payment schedule will be very slow, but we do the best we can.

4. The Convention

Will Go OnDue to the overwhelming support of our members and our confidence that we will prevail as a company, we have decided to go forward with the GPT Convention. We hope it will be a time for all of us to come together and strategize for how we can emerge victorious from these recent events with a new dedication toward changing and strengthening this industry.

5. New Site Back On

Due in large part to urgings from many forum members, we will be going forward with the launching of the new site. It will get everyone focused on the future of LifeClicks as well as provide a new revenue stream that will help us speed up the refund process. In this site you will see the exciting future of LifeClicks.

The planning of the new site and the knowledge that the convention will go on, along with the amazing support we have received from members and staff renewed my spirit in a much needed way earlier today.

But I have just received some news that has changed that spirit. I have just learned that my father, who recently suffered several strokes, may not make it through the night. I have been a regular fixture on the forum in the past couple of days answering as many questions as I can from members. But in light of this recent development, I will not be on the forum this evening. I ask that all of you keep my father and my family in your thoughts and prayers.

I anticipate the next few days will be very challenging for me on a personal level, but I want you all to know that I remain dedicated to you all and will continue to press on in the best way I know how.

Thank you all again for your support.
Charis12dp Admin

I will keep everyone posted on further developments as they arise. Let us hope that Stormpay gets what they deserve.